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Beihai location
Beihai Silver Beach
Beihai fishing boat

Beihai in China is in the southern part of Guangxi and in the northeastern coast of Beibuwan. It was built as a city in 1950.

In the Qin dynasty and Han dynasty, Beihai had been the important port that connected China and eastern and southern Asia. It was one of the beginning ports of the "Silk Road on Sea". In 1876, it was built to be a commercial port, and then it became a colony. Now, Beihai has been one of the 14 open littoral ports in China. Beihai trades with nearly 70 countries and areas.

Beihai City abounds in pearls. The pearls that were made in Guangdong and Guangxi were called "South Pearls" in the ancient times. And at that time, people always said that "East Pearls" (made in Japan) were better than "West Pearls" (made in Italy), and "South Pearls" (made in Beihai) were better than "East Pearls". The pearls that were made in Hepu and Beihai were called Lian Pearl. And this kind of pearls was the best ones of "South Pearls". Also, Beihai is the most important fishing base in Guangxi. The sea cucumber, shark's fin, clams and some other seafood of Beihai are famous both in China and abroad. In industry, there is machine, shipbuilding, glass, aquatic products processing and chemical industry of seas. In the nearby sea area, there is petroleum resource.

One of the most valuable resources and advantages in Beihai is tourism. The sea areas here are not polluted, the air here is fresh and the 10 kilometers' beaches are clean too. Also, in the spring, summer and autumn, people can take seawater bath. In winter, Beihai is a good place to spend a holiday at a summer resort. The main scenic spot in Beihai are the statue in the square, the aquatic products center, Baihutou Beach, Weizhou Island, Dashi Attic, Wenchang Tower, Dongpo Pavilion and the relics of the White - dragon Pearl City, etc.

Beihai Travel attractions
Silver Beach
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