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Grand Buddha of Leshan

Leshan Grand Buddha, Chengdu tour China travel trip
Leshan Buddha, Chengdu travel China tour trip
Leshan Grand Buddha, Chengdu trip China tour travel

Located in Leshan City of Sichuan Province, the Grand Buddha of Leshan the biggest carved stone Buddha in China.
The Grand Buddha, bare-footed and with drooping ears, has his hair arranged in a spiral knot on top, his chest exposed and his hands rested upon the knees. The Buddha carved into the whole face of a cliff, has its head at the same level as the cliff top, and the feet touching the river bellow. "The mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain" is how the people are impressed.

The Buddha is 71 meters tall, with 28-meters wide shoulders, 14.7-meters high head and 1.6-meters long toenails. It is taller by 17 meters than the standing Buddha in Afghanistan, the "so-called" tallest Buddha in the world.

Leshan Indistinct Buddha: It is a huge lying Buddha formed by several immense mountains, measuring 4000 meters long. It has been in slumber for over 2000 years. Its head is the Wulong mountain covered with towers, pavilions, halls, and temples with vermilion walls and green tiles as well as rocks, bamboos and trees, which constitute a magic image of a head with wavy hair, a broad forehead, a straight nose and two slightly parted lips. The solemn and kindly countenance it presents is typical of a Chinese Buddha. The Lingyun Mountain consisting of 9 successive peaks forms the body of the Indistinct Buddha, with swelling breasts, round waist, the slightly curved abdomen, and strong legs. The Guicheng Mountain in the north resembles his upturned soles. The enormous Buddha, well-proportioned and appearing carefree, is really a wonder.

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