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Mountain Emeishan

Mt. Emei, Chengdu tour China travel trip
Mountain Emeishan, Chengdu travel China tour trip
Mt. Emei, Chengdu trip China tour travel
Mt. Emeishan, Chengdu tours China travel trip

Mt.Emei Located in Emei Shan City, Sichuan Province China. Its main summit is Golden Summit. It's highest peak, Wanfo Summit, is 3099 metres above the sea level. Mt.Emei is only 30 kilometers from Leshan Giant Buddha, the world's biggest and most ancient stone sculpture of the buddha. Mt.Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha was inscribed the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List in 1996. Mt.Emei is the famous national park with the century-old history of China. Unique geographical and climatically conditions endow Mt.Emei with an unrivalled vegetation and countless ornamental plans. Three peaks of Mt.Emei direct to wards to the blue sky. Standing on Golden Summit,visitors can view the Sunrise,the Sea of Clouds,the Buddhist Divine and the Saints ' Light. When you enjoy the snow-clad mountains and trees like silver world in the Winter, the azaleas flowers are in full bloom like the sea of flowers in the Summer, In Autumn, the Mountains are covered with red autumnal leaf. the Beautiful scenery shall make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to go home.

Mt. Emei known as "Kingdom of the Buddhist famous mountains in China. It has been known as the place of Buddhist Rites of Smantabhadra. There are 30 temples in scenic area. In the center of the Wannian Temple is a huge bronze statue of Samantabhadra mounted on a white elephant. It weighs 62-ton. the bronze statue of Samantabhadra and Feilai Hall are listed in the state protection. Mt.Emei has currently 164 historical and cultural sites and 7000 relics and vestiges, among which 850 are under the state protection. Emei school of martial arts has developed in China and is still poplar today. Mt.Emei known as "Kingdom of plants","Geological Museum","Animal paradise" and "Buddhist celestial Mountain", particularly famous for the "the No.1 Elegance of Mt.Emei under the Sun". It is the tourist attraction for sightseeing,worship, holiday,leisure and scientific research. It has convenient communications. The Chengdu-Kunming railway line and the express way run through the city. It's 120 kilometers away from Chengdu, and 30 kilometers from Leshan Giant Buddha.

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