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Home >> China City Guide >> Guangdong Province >> Guangzhou >> Western Han Nanyue King Tomb tour guide

Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum

Western Han Nanyue King Tomb, Guangzhou
Western Han Nanyue King Tomb

Nanyue King Tomb Museum, located in Jiefang road, is stands on the site of the tomb of Emperor Wen, the second ruler of the Southern Yue Kingdom dating back to 100 B.C.

The tomb was originally 20m under Elephant Hill and was discovered in 1983. More than 1000 burial objects were excavated, among which are a chariot, gold and silver vessels, musical instruments, and human sacrifices. The tomb is 10.85 meter in length and 12.43 meters in the widest place, consisting of the front and rear chambers. It is the earliest large-scale painted stone-chamber tomb ever found in south of the Five Ridges.

The site is now the Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum.


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