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Guiyang China
Guiyang tour China travel trip
Guiyang city
Guiyang Guizhou province

Known as the "City of Forest", Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province. Guiyang has many beautiful mountains and rivers. The region's premier tourist attractions are Qianlingshan Mountain, Lake Qianling, the Huaxi scenic area, the Huangguoshu falls, Lake Hongfeng, and the Dragon Palace. The special locally-made produces include Guiyangdaqu liquor, cigarettes, and Zhumaojiao liquor.

Hidden amongst jagged karst mountains, misty waterfalls and undulating hills, Guiyang is a gem hidden under layers of gorgeous scenery, and with each step, a new vista emerges. Huangguoshu Waterfall is like a silky way pouring down from heaven. Ride a boat into the Dragon Palace Scenic Area; you will experience a crystal palace where the dragon king lived in the mythology. Apart from the gorgeous scenery, you will also learn Guiyang's culture by visiting Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village and Jiaxiu Tower.

If you are outside China, air is the best way to get in Guiyang, since Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport has flights connecting major cities around the world. If you are already in China, railway is very convenient too. Four railways pass through Guiyang connecting to Chongqing, Chengdu, Liuzhou of Guangxi, Kunming and Zhuzhou and of course major cities. Long-distance bus will take you to cities nearby Guiyang. Buses are convenient but there are too many people during rush hour which will lead to an uncomfortable ride. Taxis are plentiful and cheap.

Southwest China's cuisine is spicy with a tinge of sour. Most of the cuisine comes from the mountain bounty. Exotic fruits are plentiful; try the local pears and Chinese gooseberries. Suan Tang Yu (Sour Soup Fish) is a typical Guiyang dish that you can't miss. Snacks in Guiyang like Si Wa Wa, Lian'ai Doufu Guo and Spring Chicken are very delicious too. If you want to go to some snack street to try the exotic Guiyang snacks, Hequn Lu and Shaanxi Lu are the places for you.

Guiyang offers great souvenirs for visitors. Wax-dyed fabrics are a local handicraft using nature and animal motifs. It represents the Miao ethnic group's technique. They cost from CNY50 to 100, framed pieces are around CNY200 each. Traditional Miao embroideries that come in geometric patterns are a bargain at CNY15- to 200. Unique pieces of art made entirely of plants ranges a few CNY to a few thousands.

Nightlife in Guiyang usually begins rather late compared to some other cities in China. Guizhou Folk Drama is recommended for your first night in Guiyang, to learn more about the culture of this city. If you are longing for the late night snacks in Guiyang, Shaanxi Lu will not disappoint you. If you are a loyal fan to bars and clubs, Shaanxi Lu, Hequn Lu, Beijing Lu and Nan Men are the places you go. Bars in Guiyang look similar to each other in both beer and music, so no point to be picky.

Guiyang's weather is mild throughout the year and the average temperature is a balmy about 15C (59F). July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 24C (75.2F) and January is the coldest with the average temperature of 4.6C (40F). There's no dry air or sand storm, so anytime in the year is good to visit, but spring, summer and autumn are the best seasons. It rains a lot here in Guiyang so bring your umbrella.

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