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Home >> China Travel City guide >> Yunnan >> Kunming >> Qiongzhu Temple

Qiongzhu Temple (Bamboo Temple)

Bamboo Monastery
Bamboo Monastery
Bamboo Monastery

Bamboo Temple (Qiongzhu Si), a Tang Dynasty temple known for its Arhat statues, is arguably the most famous of Kunming's temples. Arhats are famous monks and "saints" of Chinese Buddhism, usually displayed in large groups of 500 or more. The Arhats of the Bamboo Temple were made over a period of seven years by a famous craftsman from Sichuan called Li Guangxiu. His masterpieces are extremely realistic and lifelike, even if some of the statues are a bit surreal.

The temple is located on the Yu'an Mountain, about 15 km from the center of Kunming. On each side of the temple gate stand four ancient Cypress trees, planted during the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. Entering the temple, the first thing visitors notice is the carefully designed courtyard, spread over four layers, one on top of another. The Main Hall contains a trinity of enormous gilded Buddha statues seated on lotus thrones.

Two hours should be sufficient time to visit the temple.

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