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Shaanxi Province

shaanxi Province

Situated on the Northwest China Loess highland, this province on the middle reaches of the Yellow River.
206,000 sq km
shaanxi has a continental monsoonal climate, with great difference between the areas north and south of the Qinling range. It has a mean annual temperature of 6¡ã£­16¡ã, increasing from north to south, and a mean annual precipitation less in the north than in the south: 340-600 mm in northern shaanxi, 570-700 mm in the Guanzhong Plain and 800-1,210 mm in southern shaanxi.
provincial capital:
36.05 millions (March 2001)
Ethnic groups:
Han, Hui, Man,Zhuang, Tibetan, Mongol other ethnic groups.
Major Cities:
Northern shaanxi is a farming-pastoral area growing millet, broom corn millet and sheep, and contains vast areas for developing forestry and animal husbandry. The Guanzhong Plain with its long reclamation history and highly developed agriculture is one of China's best-known wheat and cotton growers. It is also famous for its cattle and donkeys.
Mineral deposits, including coal, mercury, molybdenum, gold and more than 80 kinds of other minerals have been discovered in the province. The Shenmu and Fugu coal fields in northern shaanxi have a total reserve of more than 160 billion tons of quality coal containing extra low sulfur, phosphorous and ash contents. A huge reserve of natural gas has also been found in the province.
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