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Home >> China City Guide >> Jiangsu Province >> Suzhou >> Canglang Pavilion travel information and tour

Canglang Pavilion

Canglang Pavilion
Canglang Pavilion, Suzhou Jiangsu province
Canglang Pavilion, Suzhou China Jiangsu
Canglang Pavilion, Suzhou China

The Canglang Pavilion (Blue Wave Pavilion) is one of Suzhou's most famous and classic gardens. The use of space and combinations of water, rock and plants here, epitomize the art of Suzhou gardening.

The Canglang Pavilion is the oldest garden in Suzhou, originally built in the Tang Dynasty. Winding streams, beautiful trees and fragrant lotus blossoms are all framed between white walls and gray walkways make this garden quite unforgettable.

The garden is rather small and if you plan to enjoy Canglang Pavilion's quiet and elegant side, make sure you go at a quiet time. Winter is Suzhou's off season, while Spring and Summer are the busiest. Visiting this garden in the morning may also keep crowds to a minimum.

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