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Home >> China City Guide >> Jiangsu Province >> Suzhou >> Hanshan Temple

Hanshan Temple

Hanshan Temple, Suzhou China
Hanshan Temple, Suzhou Jiangsu China
Hanshan Temple, Suzhou

Hanshan Temple is one of Suzhou's greatest landmarks and most active Buddhist temples. This temple is an important part of Suzhou's local community and cultural life. Built during the Liang Dynasty (502-519), more than 1400 years ago, the temple is named after the famous monk of that dynasty, Hanshan.

The Hanshan Temple with its dark roof tiles and yellow walls can be seen very clearly amongst the surrounding pine and cypress trees. The main buildings and towers of the Temple complex offer a good view of the area.

Chinese tourists love to buy tickets to ring the bell in the Bell Tower as this act of Buddhist devotion is said to bring good luck, but they probably just do it for fun!

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