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China Newspaper and TV

China is now a openning up country to all over the world. When you are travelling in China, you can read the newspapersand TV programs on your language.

Newspaper & Periodicals

Many hotels provides, free of charge, China Daily, Beijing Review, and foreign-language books, periodicals and tourist maps about China are available in foreign Languages Book-store and some Xinhua Book Stores.

Usually when you check in, you can get a China map of English at the front desk. Also you can make an order if you need a daily English or other language newspaper. In the morning, the?newspaper will be sent to your room by your order.

China Television

Television sets in most hotels of China provide satellite-transmitted English and Japanese programs. CCTV and some local television stations also broadcast news and other programs in English, Japanese, French, and so on. The most popular BBS, CNN, and FBO is usually available in Chinese hotels.

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