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Fengdu, Yangtze River cruise, China travel tour trip to Fengdu
Fengdu, Yangtze River cruise, China tour travel trip to Fengdu
Fengdu, Yangtze River cruise, China travel tours trip to Fengdu

Fengdu is located on the bank of the Changjiang River in the east of Chongqing. Fengdu was called Pingdu in ancient times. It is the so-called "Abode of Ghosts", "the dead come to Fengdu and the devils go to hell" according to the superstitious legend. Since the Tang Dynasty, 48 temples have been built on Pingdu Mountain, such as the "the Hall of the Jade Emperor", the "Palace of Hell", "Balcony of Nostalgia" etc. Though Fengdu is related with mysterious stories, it has a wonderful and quiet sight. Atop the Pingdu Mountain (now called Ming Mountain), which stands on the riverside, one can get a majestic view. The famous poets Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Li Shangyin and Su Shi all wrote many poems about it. Today, the works of the famous painters Wu Daozi, Tang Bohu and Zhao Zi'ang are still on display in Fengdu.

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