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Shibaozhai, Yangtze River cruise, China travel tour trip to Shibaozhai
Shibaozhai, Yangtze River cruise, China tour travel trip to Shibaozhai
On the downstream journey of the Yangtze, Shibaozhai represents the first gem of Chinese architecture to be encountered. A distance view of a protruding 220-meter hill resembles a jade seal.

On the south bank of the Yangtze River, it was firstly built in the Qing dynasty in 1650. As one of the most spectacular sites along the river, this 12-storied wooden red pavilion with a height of 56 meters, hugs a sheer rectangular cliff. It consists of three parts: the entrance gate, a nine-storied wooden pavilion and a small temple at the top.

On its yellow glazed entrance gate is an inscription inviting the visitor to climb the ladder and ascend into a 'Little Fairyland' (the top temple). The top temple was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Originally, the top temple is inaccessible for its elevation and later an iron access chain to it was attached to the cliff. In 1819, the nine-storied red wooden pavilion was add so that monks and visitors to the temple would not have to suffer the discomforts of the chain ascent and designers also build interior cockle stairs to make the climbing more convenient.

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