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Yangzhou Daming Temple
Slender West Lake, Yangzhou
Yangzhou City China
Yangzhou China

Lying in central Jiangsu Province, the city of Yangzhou has the Changjiang River to the south, the Huaihe River to the north, and the Grand Canal flowing through its urban area. Built 2,480 years ago, Yangzhou was once the economic and cultural center of areas between the Changjiang and Huaihe river valleys and an important port for the earliest trade and contacts between China and the rest of the world. The ancestors of people in Yangzhou created a splendid culture and left behind them a large number of historical relics and sites, making it a wellknown tourist city in China. These include the Lesser West Lake, Hongqiao Bridge, the Mist and Rain Tower, the Ershisi Bridge, and Huhu Humble Cottage.

Yangzhou Travel Attractions
Daming Temple
Geyuan Garden
Heyuan Garden
Slender West Lake
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