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Home >> China City Guide >> Hunan Province >> Zhajiajie travel guide and tour

Zhajiajie, China
Zhajiajie, China Hunan Province

Lying on the northwest of Hunan, Zhajiajie is recognized as "a rarely charming belle in the boudoir" by the famous Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong. Zhajiajie is the first National Forest Park in China featured by its unique hills, queer ridges and peaks, tranquil valleys, thrilling streams and abundant plant and animal resources.

As the maze of nature, Zhajiajie is full of spiffy spots, such as the grotesque Zhajiajie Forest Park (including the breathtaking Cloud-picking Terrace, the outstripping Yellow Lion Village, the great Golden Whip Crag, the clear Golden Whip Stream, the dilapidated walls of Yangjiajie), the impressive Mt. Tianzi, the singular Suoxi Gully, the beautiful Maoyan River, the stalwart Mt. Tianmen, and the supernatural Jiutian Cave.

In addition, the tourists take great delight in taking about the Puguang Temple, Yuhuang Cave and some other great human attractions as well as the appealing customs of the local ethnic people. Zhangjiajie also abounds in many rare plants and flowers, including the Chinese dove tree, Chinese tulip tree, Eucommia ulmoides, ginkgo and five-color flower.

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