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Home >> China City Guide >> Yunnan >> Shangri-La >> Meili Snow Mountatin tour information

Meili Snow Mountatin

Meili Snow Mountain in Shangri-La
Meili Snow Mountain
Meili Snow Mountain in China Zhongdian
Meili Snow Mountain in Yunnan

The Meili Snow Mountatin is seated at the west end of the Baimang Snow Mountain, higher and more elegant compared with the Bamang Snow Mountain. The local Zang people (Tibetans) regard it as a Holy Mountain. Each year in autumn, the Zang people come from far and near gathering here for Hajj the Meili Snow Mountatin. One thing we would like to warn you is that climbing Meli Mountain could be very dangerous. Several attempts have been made to conquere Meli Mountain since '90, but all failed.

In 1991, a Sino-Japan joint climbing team were very close to the main peak-Kawagebo when it began to snow heavely. The team were forced to abandon the climbing plan, and the whole team died in the way of returning to No.3 Base of 5,100 meters above sea level, including 6 Chinese and 11 Japanese, which marked the greatest sacrifice in the history of mountain-climbing in China. It's until in July, 1998 that the frozen corpses of the team were found.

The best season for visiting the Meili Snow Mountatin is in the summer time and it must be clear day.

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